HRDP lost password and username

If you lost the HRDP user and password, this is what you have to do.

  1. Open Remote Shell on the client.
  2. Type in: net users
  3. Read the output of the command above. It should give you usernames of the accounts on this Windows computer.
    Usually you would see something like this:
    John, ny4bt2ny5, Guest
    The one that looks random (like "ny4bt2ny5" for example) is the HRDP username.
  4. Copy the HRDP username.
  5. Type in: net user <hrdp_username> <password_that_you_want_to_set>
    It would look like this: net user ny4bt2ny5 newpassword
  6. That's it, you've changed the password and you have the username.
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