Building a client.

Building a basic client:

  • Hostname - your public IP or DNS
  • Port - you can leave it 5200 as default. Make sure the port is reachable from outside.
  • Open "Server Settings" in Warzone and enable listening, then go to to verify whether the port is reachable.

Remember to Turn off Windows Defender and Firewall.


Builder options:

  • Hostname: your VPS IP or DNS/DOMAIN.
  • Port: the port which you are listening to.
  • Startup: makes the client run after reboot.
  • Installation: installs the client in APPDATA.
  • ADS Install+startup: installs the file using Alternative Data Stream (hidden file)
  • Offline logs: enables offline keylogger. It will always log and save keystrokes on disk. You can download them later.
  • Persistence: protects the process and the file. When process or file gets deleted, they will be recovered.
  • Build as DLL: the output will be a DLL instead of EXE.
  • Enable UAC Bypass: the client will try to use exploits to get administrator privileges.
  • Bypass Windows Defender: The client will add itself to exclusions AFTER it executed.
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